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This website has the objective of telling the story of a herbal product that was developed from African folk medicine which had been in use for centuries by people of South Western Nigeria to treat and cure diseases of diverse origin including anaemia, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, arthritis and HIV. For a start, the story teller is Olajuwon Okubena. He was born at Ilese - Ijebu located in Ijebu North-East Local Government of Ogun State Nigeria three years into the second world war. My early life up to the age of 15 was spent in my home town.

By the year 1957, I left my home town to attend a Teachers’ College at Sagamu for a period of 4 years and qualified as a Grade Two Teacher in 1960. The first four years of my career was at Ijebu-Igbo in Ogun State where I was a teacher at the Local Authority Secondary Modern School. I was quite aware that my parents could not afford to support me for a post-secondary education and therefore decided to explore the option of private studies to acquire some further education. The first three years of my teaching career was also spent on private studies which led to my being qualified as an incorporated secretary. I spent the year 1965 at Oyo town as one of the pioneer teachers in a newly established institution called Ladigbolu Grammar School, Oyo and by that time had commenced writing the exams of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants (U.K.) . In 1966, I moved to Lagos to take up appointment as the vice-principal of Nigeria Premier College, Yaba (now Jibowu High School). In 1967, I completed the final examinations and by the time the institute has changed to Institute of Cost and Management Accountants. To gain practical experience in Accounting, I took up appointment with the United Africa Company (U.A.C.) and was posted to one of their associate companies, Guinness (Nigeria) Plc. I spent the next 7 years working for this company until 1974 when I took up appointment with Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. ( now KPMG). Having worked for this company for about 10 years, I opted to go into private business and became a farmer producing day-old chicks and poultry eggs.

A big turning point in my life occurred in 1993 when an attempt was made on my life while residing at the farm house located at Ilese-Ijebu, my home town. I managed to escape an assassination attempt on my life during the night of August 17 of that year. My attempt to unravel the mystery behind the attack led me to discovery of a herbal preparation which I was not aware will have a great impact on the history of medicine in the whole world.

I apprenticed myself to a metaphysician to gain more insight into the deeper mysteries of life after surviving the attempt on my life towards the end of the year 1993. In the course of my tutelage, I observed that my mentor was running a natural health clinic where only one medication was being used to treat and cure all diseases. I was a witness to the miracle being performed with this medication. The clientele cut across the whole spectrum of the society. Doctors, University professors, nurses attended this herbal clinic and obtained excellent result in matter of days. I could still recollect that a University professor who later became a Minister of Health was cured of Leukemia within a period of 3 months. My major area of focus was to learn Metaphysics but I could not help being mystified by the wonders that I was witnessing being performed by the application of this herb.

Taking a closer look at the healing process in this clinic, I observed that the main herb being used was from the plant of Sorghum bicolor called Poroporo Oka Baba in Yoruba. The liquid extract was obtained by boiling but the colour which was supposed to be bright red was usually presented to patients in assorted colours to disguise the true and natural colour. I could not help confronting my teacher to confirm that it was the same product that was being disguised and presented in different colours. But how could the same herb treat hypertension, diabetes, sickle-cell anaemia, stroke, cancer arthritis and other diseases? The answer came during one of the lectures given by my teacher. At the beginning of creation, there was a river called JUBI which was the abode of the Almighty and other opposing spirits and there was a big struggle for supremacy in the river. The Almighty God emerged triumphant and this account was corroborated by the record of Genesis in the Bible which commenced by saying that the spirit of God was hovering over the waters. Obviously, God must have emerged from this water for this to happen. It was from this river that God took the sediment to create human structure and the water ( which was reddish ) was injected into human body before God breathed into us to energize us and became a living being after his likeness. According to my teacher, there were plants that grew at the surrounding of the river which were supposed to rejuvenate by virtue of its affinity to the source of our creation. This was what had been revealed to humanity and the use of which was to make human beings to live almost for ever. But man was careless and forgot this knowledge. From the time of Methuselah where life span was up to 1000 years, things deteriorated to the present time where average life span in the developed world is about 75 and in the poor countries, 45 or below. When God created everything including man, everything was perfect, but why did things go awry and deteriorated? Periodically, God always looked down upon humanity to provide the path to redemption and restoration and so He decided that the secret to restoration had to be revealed at the beginning of this century and so in preparation for this, the knowledge was purposely revealed to the Yoruba race as part of their folk medicine, decades before the commencement of the new century.

My teacher became the custodian of this great secret twenty years before I met him, but he was not appointed to develop it for the widespread use of humanity. That was a task that God appointed me to do and at the eve of the event, the powerful Satanic forces attempted to eliminate me from physical existence to create a set back that could also last for centuries in God’s programme of restoring human health.

On August 17, 1993 I was attacked in the night in my farm house at Ilese-Ijebu and shot in the head. I managed to trek through the forest to seek assistance and I was helped to Ijebu-Ode General Hospital where I could only received first-aid treatment and my loyal friends arranged for my transfer to Ogun State Teaching Hospital Sagamu where I received further treatment. There was clear evidence that the assassins who attempted to eliminate me were still trailing me and the loyal friends decided to move me to Lagoon Hospital at Apapa. The first x-ray showed that I had about 60 pellets buried in my head as a result of the gun shot received during the attack. The hospital was not sure how to go about my treatment because an attempt to remove the pellets buried in the various corners of my head could be fatal While this confusion was still on, another friend came with two herbalists who used the traditional means to suck out most of the pellets and declared that the rest would be harmless and they still remained in my head till today.

I left this hospital after about a week and was lucky to be accommodated by another family friend for about 2 months before I was moved away for fear of being traced to the place. I spent the next two months at an estate located in Ijebu-Ife and recuperated a lot at that place. Thereafter, I visited many places to unravel the mystery of this attack and I was introduced to a man at Ibadan who was a metaphysician. I was impressed about his vast knowledge of metaphysics because it was an aspect of life that that interested me at my younger years and had pursued it theoretically. I then had the opportunity to meet a teacher who could give me the practical part of metaphysics that may assist in making life more meaningful to me.

I apprenticed myself to him for a period of about two years during which time I was visiting his office at Ibadan twice every week to receive lectures. In the course of this, he revealed to me the origin of creation which corroborated the account given in the first book of Genesis in the Bible.

According to him, there was a river called JUBI which in the beginning was occupied by very powerful spirits both evil and good. It was a river of blood. There was a great conflict in the river and the good spirit which God represented triumphed and emerged from the river. God emerged from the river with the retinue of very powerful spirits otherwise called angels. He anticipated that the evil spirits subdued in the river would emerge to give him a challenge. He therefore decided to multiply himself and so he decided to create man. He sent the angels to bring the sediments of the river to create our body structure and sent for the water (which is red) to put into the structure. He then energized us by breathing into us to fulfill his wish to create man in his own image and likeness. His plan was for man to live almost for ever but we have not followed the rules given to ensure this and so life span had been deteriorating from the era of Methuselah who was reputed to live for about a thousand years through Noah, who lived for about 450 years to the time of King David who declared erroneously that three scores and ten years was the period of sojourn appointed by God for man. There were plants growing by the banks of RIVER JUBI which has the power to always restore man to excellent state of health but with passing of ages, man has forgotten his origin and so what God created and found was excellent has deteriorated to an extent that He has become concerned and so God had decided to intervene in the affairs of humanity to bring about a restoration. Several decades ago, God revealed himself and the people of South Western Nigeria discovered a herb that was capable of addressing almost all the health problems of human beings. This herb is growing in the Northern part of Nigeria around the wonderful Argungu river which I presume should be part of original RIVER JUBI.. It may be necessary to digress to mention that this RIVER JUBI must have covered a wide area including some part of Northern Nigeria, the Sudan, Egypt, some part of the middle East and Ethiopia. Though the particular plant has been revealed more than 100 years ago, it remained as part of the folk medicine of the Yoruba people of South Western Nigeria and it was being used to treat and cure ailments of diverse origin including anaemia, sickle-cell anaemia, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cancer, arthritis etc. God’s intention was to launch it to the whole world at the beginning of the 21st century and my teacher was holding it in trust until I met him in 1994 and the changing of baton started then.

During my period of training, I was a witness to the treatment and cure of many diseases in my teacher’s clinic. The extract of this herb in very small quantity (about 100ml) was what was required to solve myriads of problems within a short period of time. I was a witness to the cure of a former Minister of Health who had the terminal stage of Leukemia before the intervention and had complete remission within a period of 3 months.

I took the story about RIVER JUBI with some doubt in my mind but the subsequent near miracles I witness with the product associated with it started having a very strong impact on me and so I started my private experiments to offer the extract to treat different ailments free of charge. As a chartered accountant by profession, we deal with facts and so I was looking for facts that would be supported by evidence. I gave this remedy to a man whose son was having kidney problem and was going through dialysis at the Gbagada General Hospital. The feed back was that the patient did not need blood transfusion after each exercise and the doctors were surprised at this. This was what gave me a hint that this product could be solving the problem of anaemia. I introduced the herb to a young medical doctor located at Ojota in Lagos and he tried it on himself and reported that it energized him, it had diuretic effect on him and improved his appetite . He consented to try it on his anaemic patients. The first attempt was on a little girl with the hemoglobin of about 3 . The mother could not afford to pay for blood transfusion. After about 3 weeks, the hemoglobin rose to 10.5. Several other anaemic patients were treated with this herb and within a week, the blood level increased by between 30 – 80%. SEE MORE RESULTS

This young doctor encouraged me to go for clinical studies at Lagos University Teaching Hospital in 1997/1998. It was discovered that the herb was able to restore the blood of rats who were inoculated with trypanosome brucei-bruce to induce anaemia. The preliminary report of this experiment filtered to Mr. Femi Kusa who was then the editor of Guardian Newspaper. He had a friend who was a consultant at Igbobi General Hospital and who had been a strong antagonist of traditional and herbal medicine. It was this same friend who draw Mr. Kusa’s attention to a product called Jubi Formula which he had tried successfully to ameliorate the crisis suffered by some sickle cell patients. As a veteran journalist who was also versatile in natural and traditional medicine, Mr. Kusa deployed one of his journalists to investigate this herbal medicine called Jubi Formula.

This effort culminated in the sensation publication of the breaking news story in the May 21, 1998 edition of the Guardian Newspaper with the title “COULD THIS HERB BE A SUBSTITUTE FOR BLOOD TRANSFUSION” ( See Reproduction ). The publication effectively launched Jubi Formula (Later called Jobelyn) into the national consciousness and there was a spontaneous wave of demand for this product. The orthodox doctors simply ignored and dismissed all the noise about a herbal medicine crossing into their sector. They need tons of research data to be convinced. The Pharmacology department of University of Benin became interested in this product and offered to do a better and more thorough job to support evidence for the product and more or less replicated the work done at LUTH. Coincidentally, both studies were published in the same edition of September 2003 of the Journal of Biotechnology.

Having now firmly established that this product is an effective remedy to solve anaemia problems we needed to proceed to find what other diseases it could treat and cure and support this with evidence. In January 2003 the name of the product was changed to JOBELYN as a result of a NAFDAC intervention resulting from another party contesting the ownership of the trade name of Jubi Formula. Some time in 2004, there was a documentary aired by BBC –TV on the ‘ THE ELIXIR OF LIFE- HOW TO LIVE FOREVER YOUNG” It was all about how scientists at the famous Buck Anti-aging Institute in USA had discovered that Antioxidants could prolong the lives of human beings. The synthetic antioxidant which they named as Super Catalytic Scavenger –(SCS) was demonstrated to double the life-span of worms under experimental condition. At this period too there was the growing awareness of how plant antioxidants (such as the coloured berries in USA) had the potential to have tremendous positive impact on human health. This was what drew our attention to the need to examine whether Jobelyn falls under the category of ANTIOXIDANTS. Our initial attempt with the PhytoLab company in Germany revealed that Jobelyn contained 686 µmole Trolox Equivalent using the Trolox Equivalent Antioxidant Capacity (TEAC) (See Result ). The Laboratory remarked that this result was plausible going by previous products tested in the laboratory. We were referred to another laboratory in the USA (Brunswick Laboratory) where series of tests in the last seven years have confirmed that Jobelyn has the highest antioxidant level of any natural plant product.

Our attempts to convince scientists and orthodox doctors was not yielding the desired results and so we need to adopt different approaches to achieve this goal. A Nigerian based in Germany got to know about Jobelyn and not only contacted us but also came to visit and talk to us on several occasions on how collaborative effort with German scientists could assist us in moving our business forward. He introduced us to a very popular laboratory in Germany and the preliminary testing of our Jobelyn crude powder showed a great potential to suppress cytokines that are responsible to creating health problems (SEE RESULT). Before this discovery, the German company agreed to take 40% stake in proposed joint project but after the preliminary testing, it insisted on 50%. The focus of the project was to develop Jobelyn as a unique herbal drug after a meticulous phytochemical analysis, profiling , identification of bio-markers, quality control and standardization.

According to this company, Vioxx is the leading anti-inflammatory drug targeted at treating patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The annual income on this drug is more than $3billion Owing to the side effects of this COX-2 inhibitor Vioxx, there is still an increasing demand of new anti-inflammatories both synthetic and of natural origin such as extracts of plants and others. A major problem in the development of anti-inflammatory extracts is, that most of them are not developed concerning their biological function and that the active principles of the extracts, which are responsible for the activity and thus quality of the extract, are not characterized, which are necessary to continue the production of high quality products. Jobelyn was identified to have the potential to replace Vioxx.

The aims of this project are the following:

(1) To extract the raw material by using different extraction methods

(2) To test the extracts in various bioassays to identify its molecular targets and to chose the best extract for further studies

(3) To fractionate the selected extract and to test them in selected bioassays

(4) To identify the active principles

(5) To test the selected extracts in in vivo models of rheumatic arthritis, in vivo (depending on in vitro data)

The German company gave a detailed proposal on how they would accomplish the above stated aims which would be first part of a process to develop a botanical drug that will replace Vioxx. At a later stage, we were to understand that to market the product, a big pharmaceutical company would be invited to take over the clinical trials and marketing of the finished product. We anticipated that our 50% stake with the phyto-chemical laboratory would be reduced to an insignificant royalty at the end of the day. We insisted on having the full picture before we enter into any agreement with them. This was the last straw that broke the camel’s back and we backed out of the proposed project.

Before we finally discontinued with the negotiation, we inquired whether they could do the first of the project for which they want 50% of the stake at that level on a contract basis so that we could fund it and be better placed to negotiate directly with any interested pharmaceutical outfit that would help market the product. According to them, it could cost us as much as $150,000.00. This information strengthened our resolve to tread cautiously in concluding an agreement with this German company and by the time we reached the final deadlock, we have started studying their proposal like a Bible to explore the possibility of accomplishing the first part of the project by ourselves and save us from losing 50% of our stake over to foreigners with all the attendant complications that would show up in dealing with more knowledgeable foreign partners.

We were aware that there was a need to identify the bio-active compounds in Jobelyn around which the quality control, quality assurance and standardization would be built to develop a novel herbal drug that would scale the hurdle of being cox-2 selective and be shown to be devoid of side-effects associated with the synthetic products . Because I am not a scientist, it took me about a couple of years to come to this realization. I then proceeded to search around the world for scientists who could assist me in accomplishing this objective. I studied research publications on topics that are related to my goal and discovered a professor from Michigan State University. Because I am not a scientist, it took a while before I was able to communicate my intention to him but after succeeding in doing this, he agreed to assist and gave me a quote of $40,000.00 and also informed me that the intellectual property of any novel compound discovered in the process would belong to the University but could be licensed exclusively to me. The alternative was for them to assign the project to a post-Doctoral Degree student but the estimated quote would be in the order of $169,000. I was not comfortable with this and so I continued my internet search to see if I could get a better deal. My search resulted in the discovery of a Nigeria professor at Ife after reading his inaugural lecture published on the internet. He claimed to be experienced in the use of bio-assay fractionation to discover lead and novel compounds. I contacted this professor and arranged a meeting with him. He had the capability by my own assessment but there were two major constraints, namely, lack of appropriate equipment to characterize the compound and the assays to help the evaluation of the fractions. He made me to be aware of the first problem and there was an agreement that we could send the fractions to a laboratory I knew in the USA but the second problem he did not disclose to me initially until we got to the stage of identifying semi-purified compound. However, an agreement to pursue the project was reached and the process strengthened my understanding of the principles of cox-2 selectivity of bio-active agents. At the end of the exercise, we were able to identify 2 semi-purified bio-active compounds. For months we could not characterize the compounds and I had to proceed to the USA to do this.

The scientist we met at Texas University was willing to do this work for us and we signed a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement after settling his bill. Unknown to us, he was working on a project to identify natural colourant from plants like Sorghum that would be stable in the presence of bisulfate. While working on the characterization of our compounds, he was also testing the compounds for his on-going project. He ended discovering that our compounds have the potential for development as natural colourant that would be stable in the presence of bisulfate and also fully characterized the two compounds which he published contrary to our agreement with him but claimed to discover two novel compounds which have never before been found in nature or in Sorghum bicolor plant.

We were however lucky that the ownership of the intellectual property of these two novel compounds was never in dispute because, the US scientists only worked on semi-purified compounds and had no information on the process of bio-assay guided fractionation which was the foundation of the discovery.

They produced samples of 4 pure compounds, two of which were novel compounds. We submitted the compounds for screening to the National Cancer Institute for screening to evaluate whether they could be useful in treating any of the various cancer lines. The compounds passed the first stage of the exercise but could not go further because they cannot destroy cancer cells in a comparable way to the synthetic drugs. We were surprised at this but we took consolation in the fact that orthodox approach to solving serious health issues may never succeed using synthetic drugs invented in the laboratories. The immune system would always regard synthetic drugs as alien to the system and would react negatively by producing the so-called side effects. The lasting solution would emerge from natural sources which contain the powerful natural compounds within the natural environment of a complete product. Our thinking is reinforced by our past experience in the treatment of Cancer problems. Our first experience was in 1998. I was a witness to the cure of a former Minister of Health who had Leukemia and was treated with Jobelyn when it was still at the concoction stage. After we developed Jobelyn and packaged it as capsules, we offered free supply of Jobelyn on the internet for volunteers who wanted to use it for the treatment of Cancer and we had a response from a woman, an Associate Professor from Boston University, whose husband was given two or three days to live after a prolonged period of the illness. We supplied her with Jobelyn for her husband who lived for up to six weeks contrary to the prediction of the consultants at Dana Faber Cancer Institute in the USA. For the summary and details of this experiment see:( E-mail Correspondences )

We have also used Jobelyn to save the life of a woman who had Hodgkin Lymphoma. The woman was at the terminal stage of the illness and with the intervention of Jobelyn, the woman is still alive after about 11 years. (See the report of this story) .

All the research studies we did so far were in this country and the peer-review publications were in African journals which may not be respected internationally. Our next move was to commission Research studies particularly in the USA and ensure they are published in first-class journals. We discovered a Research Laboratory called MDbiosciences on the internet and commissioned them to test the newly isolated compounds for anti-inflammatory property. It turned out that one of the compounds tested was highly effective as it performed better that Ibuprofen which was used as the control. This company declined to put up an article for us in a peer-reviewed journal as It was contrary to their policy. We have prepared a draft artcle which may be published in future ("SEE DRAFT OF THE ARTICLE). We looked for another popular Laboratory known as Natural Immune System (NIS) Laboratory. We commissioned them to research into the Antioxidant, Anti-inflammation and Immune Modulating properties of Jobelyn and confirmed that they would assist in publishing the resulting article in popular journal. The resultant study confirmed that Jobelyn is the most powerful natural antioxidant in the world (about 4 times more powerful than the famous Acai berry in the USA). It was also confirmed that the Anti-inflammatory property and immune modulating property of Jobelyn is considerable. The result of the project was published in the Journal of Medicinal Food in December 2012. (READ FULL ARTICLE )

This published work drew the attention of the scientists at NIS Laboratory to the powerful immune modulating effect of Jobelyn as demonstrated in some cytokines and chemokines which have NK Cells Activation capabilities and also potentiating some specialized cells that fight HIV/AIDS virus ( MIPa, MIPb and Rantes). The earlier studies done at the Military Hospital, Lagos and the Police Hospital also in Lagos were revisited and it was decided to put up a paper in a peer-reviewed journal. The article was published in the OPEN ACCESS OPTION category in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine (JACM) in the November 2013 edition.(See Original Article)

One of the issues arising out of the publication in the Journal of Medicinal Food was that the Ethanol and Aqueous extracts of Jobelyn were tested against a panel of some popular chemokines and cytokines and they showed excellent positive effect. Scientists are not very keen on extracts as they prefer testing of characterized compounds for their pharmacological effects. We have isolated the pure bioactive compounds in the ethanol extract of Jobelyn and have tested them for anti-inflammatory properties using peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) and using ibuprofen as control. We are confident that we have on our hands a molecule that would probably solve the world’s problem of inflammation. We have recently discovered that the aqueous extract is also likely to contain some bioactive compounds as demonstrated by the recent study in NIS showing its potency in immune modulating activities, particularly in activating Natural Killer (NK) cells which are responsible for fighting cancer and HIV virus cells. We consider that there would be a need to isolate the bioactive compounds in the aqueous extract. Our attempts to do this has not been successful as the necessary equipments are not available for this exercise. We are also cautious of sending our products to the USA for analytical chemistry work because of the intellectual property issues that may be involved.

So far, we have in our kitty the bioactive molecule that would solve the problem of inflammation. According to the Time Magazine Publication in 2004: (SEE ARTICLE)

“Suddenly, inflammation has become one of the hottest areas of medical research. Hardly a week goes by without the publication of yet another study uncovering a new way that chronic inflammation does harm to the body. It destabilizes cholesterol deposits in the coronary arteries, leading to heart attacks and potentially even strokes. It chews up nerve cells in the brains of Alzheimer's victims. It may even foster the proliferation of abnormal cells and facilitate their transformation into cancer. In other words, chronic inflammation may be the engine that drives many of the most feared illnesses of middle and old age.

This concept is so intriguing because it suggests a new and possibly much simpler way of warding off disease. Instead of different treatments for, say, heart disease, Alzheimer's and colon cancer, there might be a single, inflammation-reducing remedy that would prevent all three”

The past 10 – 20 years had been devoted to finding the miracle drug that would solve the problem of inflammation. Several drugs such as celebex, ibuprofen and lately Vioxx had been approved by FDA for this purpose, but unfortunately none of them had lived up to expectation as they all have very serious side effects. Vioxx was raking in more than $3 billion annually after FDA’s approval until the side effects such as heart attacks leading to sudden death started manifesting and the manufacturer was faced with litigations that resulted into huge damages . The position currently is that the pharmaceutical companies have returned to the drawing still looking for the elusive miracle molecule that would save the world from the menace of inflammation.

The scientists may not succeed. It is relevant to read this publication by scientists published by NCBI:

Chemists should ponder probable biosynthetic pathways leading to their target, because few things are more humbling to one’s best-laid plans than nature’s simpler solution. Nature has been conducting and optimizing chemical experiments for millions of years; therefore, matching or exceeding nature’s accumulated wisdom is a daunting challenge. However, the precise sequence used by nature to assemble its products is rarely known.

Tetrahedron. 2006 May 29; 62(22): 5298–5307. doi:10.1016/j.tet.2006.01.109.

We are not intending to use the identified bioactive molecule as an isolate like the orthodox would do. The mode of activity of natural medicine is that the whole is better than the part so that our molecule would remain inside Jobelyn but standardized so that it would work as nature intended it and we would be able to solve the world problem. We have enough facilities in Nigeria to produce the special Sorghum bicolor leaf sheaths to cater for the whole world. We could earn more than the $3 billion dollars that Vioxx was earning before the disaster that befell it. But, a lot of money had to be invested to produce the unique botanical drug that would save the world.

In order to strengthen the evidence of Jobelyn, we have carried out clinical trials at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital ( LASUTH ) to test the efficacy and safety of Jobelyn for the use of Sickle Cell Patients. The duration of the trial was 12 weeks. The summary of the findings is that:

“There was no significant changes in the white cell count, platelets count and the red cell distribution width of these patients as opposed to experiment done in rat. This indicates that though the extract might have a significant clinical effect in sickle cell anemia, it is non toxic to the marrow. However, there is a significant reduction in the mean cell haemoglobin concentration. This suggests that the extract may prevent cellular dehydration and as such might reduce the rate of sickling”.

A second trial for a duration of 6 months is ongoing to gather more data that would strengthen the claim that Jobelyn is effective and safe for the treatment of sickle cell anaemia patients.

Another clinical trial for the use of Jobelyn to treat anaemia in pre-operative gynaecological patients is almost at the completion stage. The preliminary report shows that patients on Jobelyn as opposed to the control who are on routine drugs have an average increase in haematocrit of about 20% over the 3 months period of treatment. This study was registered at the ClinicalTrial.gov website. Please (CLICK TO SEE LINK)

Arrangements have been concluded to commence clinical trials at the Oncology Department for the use of Jobelyn in the treatment of Breast Cancer patients. The Ethical Committee has given the approval to conduct this trial and it is also registered at the ClinicalTrial.gov. (CLICK TO SEE LINK )

Our attempt to demonstrate the efficacy of Jobelyn in the treatment of borderline anaemic patients in the USA was a disappointment. This trial was registered at the ClinicalTrial.gov website.(See Publication). It is illegal to attempt to demonstrate that a non-drug product could be used to treat or cure any disease. To dance around the problem, clinical trials have to test non-drug products on healthy subjects. Ab initio, this type of study could not show any convincing proof of efficacy. One could imagine trying a product on subjects with the so-called borderline anaemia (haemoglobin of 12 -13). The result of the study did not show any significant increase at the conclusion of the studies. This is contrary to the results obtained at LASUTH trials where the pre-trial haemoglin level ranges between 6 – 10.

While Nigeria ignored the results of our efforts to demonstrate the efficacy of Jobelyn for the treatment of HIV patients with the trials at the Military Hospital and Police Hospital in Lagos, we stumbled on an interview by the director of the Gafi Research Institute in Tunis that Jobelyn was used to cure 1520 HIV patients who became negative after 6 months treatment: (See Publication) .This interview was re-echoed by Mr. Femi Kusa in his Nation’s Newpaper editions of 3rd and 4th weeks of November 2013.

I believe that the publications by Mr. Kusa would be greeted with skepticism by some Nigerians but it is hoped that skeptics would probably have a re-think with the news of the publication of Jobelyn’s effect on HIV published in a peer-reviewed journal, i.e., the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine (JACM) OPEN ACCESS OPTION released on Nov. 30, 2013. (See Publication). With this it is now public knowledge that Jobelyn is the first product at least in Africa to demonstrate efficacy against HIV/AIDS.

To confirm the contention that a product that has anti-inflammatory properties could impact positively on many diseases, we stumbled upon a series of studies carried out at the Pharmacology Department of University of Ibadan. They are on positive effect of Jobelyn on psychotic and related problems. You can click on the topics to view full articles:

1. Evaluation of the Effect of Jobelyn® on Chemoconvulsants-Induced Seizure in Mice

2. Antioxidant Property of Jobelyn as the Possible Mechanism Underlying its Anti-amnesic Activity in Rodents

3. Jobelyn pretreatment ameliorates symptoms of psychosis in experimental models

4. Effect of Jobelyn ® on intruder- and isolation-induced aggressive behavior in mice

5. Antidepressant-like Property of Jobelyn ® , an African Unique Herbal Formulation in Mice
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