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A Traditional Herbal Remedy – Jobelyn may provide the much needed Succor for CANCER


Cancer remained a dreaded disease to humanity. The scientific and technological development across the world does not alter this statement. Even in the US where medical science has reached its peak, the position remains the same.When President Nixon was president of US, it was decreed that the cure for Cancer must be found within 10 years or so. This was several decades ago and yet there is no light at the end of the tunnel. The solution to the problem of Cancer is buried in Nature and until humanity bows to nature, human suffering as a result of Cancer would continue unabated. 

I am not a scientist and therefore the story I will be telling may not carry much weight in the scientific world. By profession, I am a Chartered Accountant and a Management Consultant who was led by nature to discover a clue that would eventually make a big impact in the quest to find a solution to the problem of Cancer. After a distinguished career in accounting and management consultancy, nature shifted my focus to investigating how a simple folk medicine may solve most of human health problems.

An attempt on my life in 1993 was the major turning point in my life when I decided to find a clue to my miraculous escape from the attempt. I was introduced to a herbal practitioner who was using a single herb to treat all his patients. I was later to discover that this herb was a special Sorghum bicolor leaf sheath which had been in use as folk medicine by the natives of South Western Nigeria for centuries to cure diseases of diverse origins including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, stroke, heart diseases, anemia, sickle cell anemia and neurological disorders. My two-year apprenticeship under this herbalist convinced me that it was indeed a truth that he was using the single herb to cure every disease. I was a witness to the cure of a Teaching Hospital professor who had a terminal case of Leukemia and this happened within a record time of 3 months. 

I decided to embark on an adventure to provide a credible evidence to substantiate the awesome power of this herb and this project started in 1996. I am satisfied that the effort has so far been fruitful.My initial task was to transform the herbal concoction from a water extract to a capsule form. I consider this would be more appealing to users including medical scientists. 

The first publication in a Nigerian popular newspaper, The Guardian, created the first awareness and this was before it was packaged as a commercial product. A reproduction of this publication could be accessed at:  Breaking News about Jobelyn in Guardian Newspaper.

The following report by a doctor was the first record of the relevance of Jobelyn to Cancer:

A 31/2 year-old boy presented initially (in December, 1997) with features of acute febrile illness at a private hospital in Surulere (Lagos).  He was treated with antimalarials - to no avail.  He was eventually referred to a teaching hospital for expert evaluation and further care.

While at the Teaching Hospital, initially a clinical impression of septicaemia was entertained.  However,, a bone marrow biopsy report (2/4/98) was in keeping with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, L.E. Morphology.

31/2 year-old boy.  He presented initially (in December, 1997) with features of acute febrile illness at a private hospital in Surulere (Lagos).  He was treated with antimalarials - to no avail.  He was eventually referred to a teaching hospital for expert evaluation and further care.

While at the Teaching Hospital, initially a clinical impression of septicaemia was entertained.  However,  a bone marrow biopsy report (2/4/98) was in keeping with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, L.E. Morphology.

The fBC (27/5/98) revealed the following:-

PCV -  25%

WBC (Total) - 2,900/mm3

N - 35%

L - 61%

E - 4%

Retic - 1%

ESR 135 mm/hr.(westergren)

Platelets -  40,000/ mm3

Blood Film -  mild lynpochromia

WBC - normal morphology.

The patient's father requested for discharge against medical advice.

The child was placed on Jobelyn ( formerly called  Jubi Formula) tonic 10 mls tid commencing on 5th  June 1998. Aspects of the fBC on 17th. June 1998 revealed the following


Platelets -  150,000 / mm3

WBC (Total) - 5,400/ mm3

Lymphocyte -  88%

Polymorphs -  10%

PCV - 31%


On 19th June,1998

PCV -  31%

Hb - 10.2 gm%

Platelet count  - 180,000/ mm3

WBC (Total)  -  10,400/ mm3

N  - 14%

L - 84%

M -  1%

E - 1%

B - 0%

ESR - 30 mm/hr (westergen) (0-15)

In 1998, the product was offered free for Leukemia trial on the internet and someone from the USA accepted the offer and the summary of the outcome is as follows:

An American, whose wife is an associate professor in the department of occupational therapy, Boston University, Massachusetts, USA.

He had Acute Myeloid Leukemia, refractory type M-O.

He received three courses of chemotherapy between October and January 1996 -1997.  Two weeks after the last chemotherapy, his leukemia relapsed.

He subsequently underwent a bone marrow transplant, but the leukemia relapsed  later.  He went for another protocol in which he received  lymphocyte infusion (helper - T cells) followed by three weeks of interleuken 2 injections.  In spite of all these, his blasts continued to increase and the haematocrit kept going down.  He was transfused with two pints of whole blood every other day.  He also received multiple platelet transfusions.  His case was dismissed by his doctors at Dana Farber Cancer Centre ( one of the best two cancer centres in the world) as irredeemable.  He was given two days to live after discharge from hospital.


His wife, Elsie, placed an order for Jubi capsules through the internet.  Though the patient is now deceased, his condition while on this therapy  could best be summarized in the spouse's  own words "The Jubi Formula definitely stabilised his haematocrit for as long as he took it and it may have prolonged his life a few weeks.  Having been able to keep him alive for a month after they thought he was going to die was worth it.

The full details of our follow-up while the treatment was going on is available at: Trial of Jobelyn on a Dana Faber Cancer Patient

Another testimony was from Niyi Owoyomi, father of a 26-year –old leukemia patient whose ailment had defied chemotherapy and who was on the verge of receiving a bone marrow transplant. He came to Nigeria from America to procure Jobelyn for his son and returned four to five month afterwards to say that his son had been discharged from hospital as result of complete remission.The testimony was recorded at

Artist Name - Testimony-from-Parent-of-a-Leukemia-Patient.2.mp3

Our intervention in the case of a lymphoma patient was documented at:


Up to this stage, we did not have any scientific evidence to back up a claim that Jobelyn was useful for the treatment of Cancer but the work we have done in the past 15 years had provided abundant evidence. It was climaxed by the discovery of a compound which activated the NK Cells and  showed potential in cancer immunosurveillance.


 There are abundant literature that support the importance of Sorghum bicolor for the treatment of several diseases and in particular for the treatment of Cancer.

Please see the following link: 


After about 80 years of vigorous efforts to find a cure to Cancer, the only acceptable therapy by the Health authorities is Chemotherapy. Everybody is aware of the dangerous side effects of this therapy. Patients who survive five years after the start of chemotherapy are regarded as having been cured. 

In recent times, serious attention is being given to the new science called immunotherapy. While I was writing this blog, I came across an article based on a recent CNN broadcast on the recent developments in this field of science. I will provide you with the link for you to  read and make yourself current on this issue: 


"Cancer immunotherapy really refers to treatments that use your own immune system to recognize, control and hopefully ultimately cure cancers," said Jill O'Donnell-Tormey, CEO of the Cancer Research Institute, during the conference in New York last month.

"Many people for many years didn't think the immune system was really going to have a role in any treatment for cancer," she said, "but I think the entire medical community (and) oncologists now agree that immunotherapy's here to stay."


The specific sector of the immune system that is responsible for the immunotherapy function is known as the NK (Natural Killer) Cells. I include two references that would shed the light on this subject matter and they could be accessed at the following links:


Natural Killer Cells: How To Keep Them Healthy

NK cells and cancer immunosurveillance

The big pharmaceutical companies are now in a rat race to produce drugs or technology that would activate the NK Cells for cancer immunotherapy and they are facing formidable difficulties. The issue of side effects is enormous and the cost of the finished product would undoubtedly be beyond the reach of the average citizens. 

Scientists believe that nature is primitive and that they could ignore nature to find solutions to many problems including health issues. They have not been able to produce a trouble free solution. The approach to solve the problem of cancer with chemotherapy is a complete failure and hence the recent realisation that the immune cells offer the best approach to solving cancer problems. But how do you assist the immune cells to achieve this objective? There are several ways that scientists have been exploring. One is by inventing vaccines and the other way is by extraction of the T Cells and manipulating them before re-introducing them to the patients to  activate the NK Cells for them to  destroy cancer cells. These unnatural ways have been creating problems and side effects. Please see the link at:


The natives of South Western Nigeria claimed they have been curing cancer for decades using Tradition Herbal preparation but they have either been scorned or ignored because they did not have scientific evidence to back up their claims. 

We have spent the last 20 years carrying out research studies and have a reached a milestone that could not be ignored in our quest to prove that an African Traditional Medicinal product has some measure of scientific evidence  to support its claim for treatment and cure of cancer.

A summary of our research and laboratory studies could be viewed at the following link: 

The PowerPoint slide presentation is at the following link:


Our initial discovery about the potential of Jobelyn to activate NK Cells was published in the Journal of Medicinal Food. See the link:


In a recently published article in Nature Immunology titled "Targeting natural killer cells in cancer immunotherapy  the abstract reproduced below shows the current trend in NK Cells and Immunotherapy: 

Alteration in the expression of cell-surface proteins is a common consequence of malignant transformation. Natural killer (NK) cells use an array of germline-encoded activating and inhibitory receptors that scan for altered protein-expression patterns, but tumor evasion of detection by the immune system is now recognized as one of the hallmarks of cancer. NK cells display rapid and potent immunity to metastasis or hematological cancers, and major efforts are now being undertaken to fully exploit NK cell anti-tumor properties in the clinic. Diverse approaches encompass the development of large-scale NK cell–expansion protocols for adoptive transfer, the establishment of a microenvironment favorable to NK cell activity, the redirection of NK cell activity against tumor cells and the release of inhibitory signals that limit NK cell function. In this Review we detail recent advances in NK cell–based immunotherapies and discuss the advantages and limitations of these strategies.

Almost all the leading big pharmaceutical companies are investing millions of dollars in immunotherapy to provide the solution to the problem of cancer but they have been meeting obstacles because they are ignoring nature in their approach. Vaccines and synthetic agents are repulsive to the sensitive nature of immune system. The solution could only come from organic molecules derived from natural plant sources. 

Jobelyn has produced the molecule that has demonstrated its  potential  in cancer immunosurveillance. This is no doubt an in vitro experiment and the product is now being subjected to clinical trials for Breast Cancer at a Nigeria Teaching Hospital. the details of the ongoing clinical trials is available at: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01936064

Jobelyn, a natural product derived from a unique variety of Sorghum bicolor has been in use for centuries by Africans for the cure of Cancer and many other ailments. It is available for sale on the following websites:





 In the subsequent  blogs, I will deal with other aspects that strongly support the claim for its efficacy.

Nigerian Scientists confirm the power of Jobelyn t...


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