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An herbal-based nutritional supplement containing the leaf sheaths of the plant Sorghum bicolor, with potential antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, chemopreventive and immunomodulating activities. Sorghum bicolor supplement contains various phytochemicals, including phenolic acids and polyphenols such as proanthocyanidins. Sorghum bicolor supplement is particularly rich in 3-deoxyanthocyanins, such as luteolinidin and apigeninidin, and appears to induce apoptosis and inhibit cell proliferation in cancer cells through the stimulation of various apoptosis promoter genes and the downregulation of certain apoptosis inhibitor genes. In addition, due to the strong antioxidant nature of the phytochemicals, these compounds are able to scavenge free radicals and prevent tissue damage. Also, intake of this supplement modulates the immune system by both increasing the activity of natural killer (NK) cells and initiating the activation of macrophages.


Jobelyn Dietary Supplements

250mg. Sorghum Leaf Extract                   



The deep red sorghum color of Jobelyn is a hint at what this ancient grain’s main effect is on: your blood


  • Strong antioxidant support helps prevent oxidation of red blood cells
  • Combat ailments of the blood
  • Protect your cells against the effects of free radicals, which play a role in major ailments


  • Helps improve joint health by inhibiting the release of inflammatory properties
  • Maintains & stimulates healthy blood production
  • Reduce swelling after from physical activity and workouts and improves recovery time in athletes

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Slim & Smart
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JOBELYN 2017 Syrup resized
Jobelyn - Baby Syrup
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Welcome to African Traditional Medicine

This website has the objective of telling the story of a herbal product that was developed from African folk medicine which had been in use for centuries by people of South Western Nigeria to treat and cure diseases of diverse origin including anaemia...


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How it all Started

(REPRODUCTION FROM GUARDIAN NEWSPAPER - MAY 21, 1998) WILL THIS HERB BE A SUBSTITUTE FOR BLOOD TRANSFUSION? It all started with a man’s yearning desire to acquire more knowledge about and come to terms with the framework of his spiritual well being. In Oyo State of Nigeria, a spiritual healer had what he termed a divine revelation at the seaside on the availability of some natural herbs to help man overcome any kind of ailment or disease he may be afflicted with.


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