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This blog is about salient facts you need to know about Food and Nutrition for prevention of chronic diseases such as cardio vascular disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and cancer.

Jobelyn, Sorghum-based Traditional Herbal Remedy for treatment of Sickle Cell Anaemia disease scientifically validated

Jobelyn, Sorghum-based Traditional Herbal Remedy for treatment of Sickle Cell Anaemia disease scientifically validated

 Jobelyn, Herbal Remedy for treatment of Sickle Cell Anaemia scientifically validated

For centuries, the people of South Western Nigeria had been using the herbal water extract from a special specie of Sorghum bicolor to treat people suffering from sickle cell disease. To scientists, it was a bogus and wild claim because the disease is believed to be complicated and difficult for the scientists to cope with. They tend to forget that nature has simple ways of handling complicated problems. At Health Forever, we have been diligently working to unravel the mystery behind the wonderful health restoring capabilities of this product. The claim of the ancient people that a single product could treat diseases of diverse origin was too much for the scientist to fathom. How could a single herbal product take care of diseases like diabetes, cancer, arthritis, hiv, anemia, sickle cell anaemia, malaria and cardio-vascular diseases. 

We have spent the last 20 years researching into this product and have come to the conclusion that the commonality factor among all diseases is  OXIDATIVE STRESS. See my blog at:


From the following link at our website, the published research work done to support the claim for OXIDATIVE STRESS could be accessed at:


We have recently carried out clinical trial studies at Lagos Univesity Teaching Hospital to ascertain the effect of Jobelyn in the treat of sickle cell patients. From the report recently published in Journal Of Harmonized Research in Medical & Health Sci. it was revealed that Jobelyn works like an adaptogenic and it moderates all the indices relating to the sickle cell disorder to create harmony in the body of sufferers and provide them with wellness. It is safe and had no toxic effect.


See  the abstract for the publication in Journal Of Harmonized Research in Medical & Health Sci.




Sickle cell anaemia in South West Nigeria has a prevalence of 2.4 %.It is characterized  by recurrent crisis like bone pain, hyper haemolysis, acute sequestration, red cell aplasia and  progressive organ damage. These cause high absenteeism at school and at work with a significant  reduction in life expectancy. The phytochemical extract of sorghum bicolor has been shown to have  anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect; and to increase the haemoglobin in experimental rat. The  extract is consumed widely in Nigeria by patients with sickle cell anaemia. This study seeks to  assess the effect of this extract on haemopoiesis in these patients. The study population was the patients attending the adult haematology clinic of the Lagos State  University Teaching Hospital. It was a randomized open label study with 105 consenting participants. One group was given folic acid 5mg twice daily and paludrine 200mg daily. The other group had in addition, 1gm of extract per day in two divided doses for 4 weeks. The haematological  parameters were taken weekly.
After 4 weeks of taking the extract, there were reduction in white blood cells (p= 0.10) and  platelet counts (p= 0.03).There were significant reductions in the mean red cell haemoglobin  (p=0.0004), mean cell haemoglobin concentration (p=0.0001) while the reduction in mean cell volume  and haematocrit changes were minimal (p=0.3and 0.5 respectively).
The reduction in leukocytes and platelets counts suggests an anti-inflammatory effect of the  extract which may have a clinically positive effect. The significantly reduced cellular haemoglobin  concentration and minimal changes in haematocrit demonstrate that the extract will not unduly  increase the red cell haemoglobin concentration which may promote sickling.

Key words: Haematological parameters. Phytochemical. Sickle cell anaemia. Sorghum bicolor


 Please see the testimonials from people living with sickle cell disease



 A summary of our research and laboratory studies could be viewed at the following link: 


 We also have a number of testimonials from amazon.com website at the following link:



Please see the presentation by a medical doctor on Jobelyn for the treatment of sickle cell anaemia disease

Part One

Part Two


The nutritional analysis done by the reputable GMP Labs showed convincingly that Jobelyn has the capability to address all the issues pertaining the sickle cell problem. 

Nutritional Composition of Jobelyn















 324 Cal 



 Calories From Fat 

 3.10 Cal 























 Total Dietary Fiber 




 Total Carbohydrates 




































 Total Sugar 












 Vitamin A as Retinol 




 Vitamin C 
















 Vitamin B12 
























































 Saturated Fatty Acids (Acid Form) 




 Total Cis Unsaturated Fatty Acids (Acid Form) 




 Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (Acid Form)  




 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (Acid Form) 




 Trans Fatty Acids (Acid Form) 




 Omega 3 Fatty Acids 




 Omega 6 Fatty Acids 




 Omega 9 Fatty Acids 




 Total Fatty Acids 








Over the course of a lifetime, significant chronic metabolism disruption may occur when consumption of micronutrient is below the current recommended dietary allowance but above the level that causes acute metabolic symptoms. When, a component of the metabolic network is inadequate, there may be a variety of setbacks in metabolism (Ames, 2006). As a result, dietary supplements, most commonly multivitamins and minerals are given to fill the nutritional gaps.


Jobelyn’s nutritional contents were assessed by GMP Laboratories of America, Inc., CA, USA. Jobelyn was proven to be a good source of minerals like calcium (35.2% RDA), magnesium (59.03% RDA), sodium (95.83% RDA), selenium (28.0% RDA), Zinc (13.62% RDA) and copper (127.77% RDA).

More interestingly, it was observed that 100g of this extract provides around 285% of the daily recommended levels of iron.

Jobelyn contains large amounts of iron and as such it is used in the treatment of anemia. However, most of the excess iron from Jobelyn  is chelated by the polyphenols in the sorghum extract and as a result the excess iron is not presented to the body. Such observation suggest that the use of Jobelyn can help improve hemoglobin concentrations and quality of life in sickle cell anaemia patients as well as reduce several micronutrients deficiencies, which are common in those patients.


Vitamin Contents in Jobelyn

Jobelyn  also contains substantial amounts of vital vitamin B12. It is a water soluble vitamin that act as a cofactor in the conversion of homocysteine to methionine and methyl tetrahydrofolate to tetrahydrofolate. Polyglutamate is further added tetrahydrofolate to prevent the diffusion of folates out of the cell. Folates are essential for the building blocks of DNA in rapidly regenerating organs like the production of blood while excess homocysteine is known to cause endothelial damage and therefore cardiovascular disease.  It is well documented that the body cannot produce B12 and that it can only be sourced from animal foods or in the form of B12 vitamin supplement. Deficiency usually results in anemia, impaired brain function, and symptoms of mental disorder (Tangney et al, 2011). The only good food sources of B12 are primarily animal foods like meat, fish and eggs producing 2.8 µg/100 1.95 µg/100; 4.15 µg/100 of B12, respectively. Interestingly,Jobelyn is a good source of B12 producing 0.83 µg/100 g. This is the first time a plant product has been reported to contain significant amounts (34%) of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 could potentially be a useful antioxidant as it directs reaction with reactive oxygen species and through glutathione sparing effect, can modify signalling molecules to decrease oxidative stress and increase total antioxidant capacity (Misra et al, 2016).


Fatty Acids Contents in Jobelyn

Jobelyn provides an impressive 1:3 ratio of Omega-3 to that of Omega-6 (Table 6) and as population studies indicate, our diet should contain no more than three parts of Omega-6 to one part of Omega-3, which is ideal for the heart’s health (Gebauer et al, 2006). Omega-6 fats have pro-inflammatory effects while omega-3 fats have anti-inflammatory effects. The ratio of 3:1 will reduce the chronic inflammation that most people recognise as the root cause of many chronic diseases, including diabetes.  Omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in every cell in the body. Omega-3 makes up cell membrane and helps in maintaining membrane fluidity, keeps the nervous system functioning by upregulating brain derived neurotropic factor (BDNF) and modulating neurotransmitters re-uptake, degradation, synthesis and anti-apoptotic effects once it gets converted into fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and later docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). However, Omega-6 inhibits the conversion of Omega-3 into DHA and EPA, therefore, the adequate ratio of 1:2 or 1:3 is usually required to allow conversion of adequate amounts of Omega-3. The Omega balance is critical as Omega-3 and Omega-6 compete for absorption into the cells, and an excess of dietary Omega-6 will result in too few of Omega-6 being incorporated into cell membranes, from where they exert their essential effects (Mischoulon and Freeman, 2013).

Where can you buy Jobelyn?









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